video: Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig RX 33×120 in action

In the Netherlands, the company O & S International Drilling in cooperation with a leading specialist of FORWARD GROUP completed the first site of horizontal directional drilling. In the suburbs of Amsterdam FORWARD RX33 × 120 (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling machine carried out 234 meters of the pilot drilling for the fiber-optic cable. The work was done in difficult drilling conditions: in sandy soil and at a height of 4 m below sea level. Drilling was completed within 12 hours.

This FORWARD RX33×120 HDD rig was prepared according to the European ecological standards, the main machine was equipped with a diesel engine EURO 3 (EU III) by DEUTZ brand. This new FORWARD RX33×120 (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig is presented with a new improved sound insulation and ventilation fiberglass hood.