HDD Rig RX 11×44 delivered

Horizontal Drill Rig for SaleNew RX 11×44 HDD machine delivered to the customer.

O&S has, in addition to their 33-ton machine, which is also supplied by Forward, now also purchased a 11-ton machine.

Since 21 July this year O&S International Drilling has a brand new Forward RX 11×44 Drilling Rig in use. The machine was handed over by ir. Thomas Val from Forward Benelux to mr. Olivier Brouwer at O&S International Drilling.

Directional Drilling Rig RX 11x44 Sold

According to mr. Brouwer the RX 11×44 is a welcome addition to the existing range of HDD Rigs. This is the latest version of the RX11x44 HDD Rig with 118.1 inches long drill rods, we are very pleased with this adaptation from 78.7 inches to 118.1 inches.

This lightweight HDD Drilling Rig with trust- / pullback force of 110KN is ideal for the smallest spaces and contributes to our productivity and improves efficiency.


Team Forward Benelux