RX 22×80 HDD Rig for Sale

RX 22x80 Rig

Horizontal drilling rig RX 22×80

Main features and benefits
  • Control cabin with air condition and heating system (also available without operator’s control cabin)
  • Rubber tracks that reduce damaging of road surface
  • Hydraulic ball valve on mud pump saves drilling fluid while drill rods changing
  • Control of drill rods untwisting
  • Lubrication mechanism of drill rods thread joints
  • Folding plastic hood ensures convenient maintenance
  • Big capacity of mud pump
  • Frame slides (using drill head) to change drilling angle.


Main technical specifications

Diesel engine power

131 kW / 175 hp

Trust-pullback force

220 kN

Maximum spindle torque

8 250 Nm

Mud pump capacity

320 L/min

Dimensions (L x W x H)

6.40 x 2.20 x 2.52 m

HDD rig weight

9 000 kg